Preparations required to clear screening tests of companies

Screening tests are mostly compulsory nowadays with companies when hiring new candidates. These tests are categorized into aptitude and technical rounds and are conducted in an examination environment under strict timing in order to assess the knowledge, accuracy and time management of the candidates sitting for these tests.

Let us first take a look at the aptitude part of the screening tests:


First of all, It is known that the majority of companies conduct their Aptitude tests online. And 100% of them are of the objective type.
Sections covered under these tests are:
1. Quantitative Aptitude.
2. Logical Reasoning.
3. Verbal.

  • Quantitative analysis(Quant): When it comes to quant the only book that one needs to follow religiously is ‘QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE BY R.S AGGARWAL’.

Many times, questions are asked directly from this book and you might even get the same numerical values.

         Topics  to focus more:

  1. Time & Work.
  2. Number Systems.
  3. Time & Distance.
  4. Percentages & Ratios.

Topics to  Leave:

Stocks & Shares.
2. Races & Games of Skill.
3. Logarithms.
4. True Discount.


  • Logical Reasoning:

Book- Online resources mostly but if you do require a book the follow ‘VERBAL & NON VERBAL REASONING BY R.S AGGARWAL’.

Topics to focus more on:

  1. Series Completion (Extremely important).
  2. Puzzle based.
  3. Blood relations.
  4. Direction test.


  • Verbal:

Most common questions asked:
1. Reading Comprehension (Extremely important).
2. Para Jumbles.
3. Fill in the blanks (Based on Grammar).
4. Synonyms & Antonyms.
5. Summary of a Paragraph.


In order to crack this section, you need to read as much as you can and then read some more. Reading regularly will increase your grasping power and understanding and thus improve your ability to answer these.


You can also go to websites like:- These have really good content.



There are usually two sections to a technical round in a screening test:
1. Written Section.
2. Interview.

In both of these sections, the subjects to be covered are:-
1. C/C++ (extremely important).
2. Data Structure (extremely important).
3. Operating System.(Theory)
4. Database MGMT system (mainly SQL queries & normalization)
5. Java (varies sharply from company to company).
6. Computer Networks (Rarely asked).
7. Software Engineering (Rarely asked).

Also, covering these mentioned topics in the same order is very important for a faster and better learning process.

Now, that we have understood about the screening tests here are a few tips to follow and keep in mind:

  1. Practice more and more aptitude tests. It can be both online or offline.
  2. Get the tools ready like papers, pens, and a good calculator.
  3. Do your research regarding the type of test you will be sitting in, the timings, etc.
  4. Get comfortable taking tests. Keep taking tests regularly so that you feel comfortable with them.
  5. Carefully read all the instructions.
  6. Keep moving on. Don’t focus more on a time-consuming question, rather proceed to others which will fetch you more marks.
  7. Avoid guessing.


Now, you are ready to begin.

Happy reading and best of luck.

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