What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of Customer Support Executives?

As the name suggests, they help or support the customers who might have a query, confusion or even a complaint.

They are graduates or sometimes, even undergraduates with a thorough knowledge of the field they work in. they should know how to handle a situation and must be humble and polite.

The roles and responsibilities of a customer support executive are as follows: –

  • Taking orders – They take orders on behalf of the company. For example, a customer support executive at a restaurant is responsible for taking down the food orders, the one at an exporting company is responsible for taking down export orders and so on.
  • Answering inquiries – They are responsible for answering any type of inquiry related to the field of work. They are there for eliminating confusion at the base level.
  • Providing information – They are the ones we contact regarding information about any topic related to the company. For example, if we have a confusion regarding the terms and policies of a company selling a particular product, we may contact the customer support executive of the company for information. Therefore, they provide us with efficient, quick and important information.
  • Resolving complaints – Few customers might have a complaint about the services or products. The customer support executives help resolve these problems. They are the spokespersons of the company and talk on their behalf. They try their best to eliminate any type of confusion being created.
  • Being available 24 X 7 – The customer support executives, also need to be available 24 X 7 so that the customer’s call never gets declined or unanswered.

Being a customer support executive is a tiring job, but one in which you get to help a lot of people. You just sit at your table and help people throughout the world via a call or a text.

Therefore, you must be polite, patient and humble while talking to the customer and always try to find a solution and eliminate any kind of complaints.

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