What Are the Different Types of Analyst Jobs Available and What Are the Skills Required for The Same?

Who is an ‘analyst’?

The person who provides a detailed analysis of a specific subject is called an ‘analyst’. They examine a specific topic thoroughly and provide the outcome.

They help one to decide whether or not to perform a specific function or action.

There are different types of an analyst, rather, different analyst jobs available such as –

  • Analyst (journal)
  • Analyst (software)
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Colour analyst
  • Marketing analyst
  • News analyst
  • Psycho analyst
  • Public analyst
  • Public policy analyst
  • Industry analyst
  • Handwriting analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • Quantitative analyst

The different skills required for such jobs differ according to the branch in which you are placed. For example, the skills required for becoming a psychoanalyst will be very different from that required to become a color analyst and so on.

The skills required are as follows: –

  • Analyst (journal and software) – They require detailed knowledge about the subject they are analyzing. If they are a software analyst, they have to know the technical aspects as well along with practical sense.

  • Business analyst – They must know about the business trends and what the people want, that is, what is in demand. They should also, know about different business opportunities available all across the world and must reach out to different people so that there is sufficient growth in the company.

  • Financial analyst – They should know the economic as well as the socio-economic condition of the country, and the world as a whole. They are critiques for the different strategies adopted or employed to increase the GDP of the country.

  • Intelligence analyst – They are the ones who analyze different subjects about the country’s safety. They work for special agencies and help to fight terrorism in most countries.

  • Colour analyst – They analyze different colors and spectrums.

  • Marketing analyst – They analyze the market trends and survey about what the public wants. They are responsible for reviewing the different advertising or marketing strategies advised or employed by a company to sell its product.

  • News analyst – They discuss and analyze different topics of national concern and put forth their point of view. they may do so in the form of debates, extempore or even normal discussion.

  • Psycho analyst – They analyze the different psychological problems and find solutions to them. They help to fight mental illness.

  • Public analyst – They are the ones who talk to the public and note down their grievances and complaints. They act as speakers for the billion people.

  • Public policy analyst – They analyze and review different public policies put forth by the government for the citizens’ benefits.

  • Industry analyst – They analyze the different industries and help to promote the new upcoming ones. They act as critiques who may praise as well as to complain about the cons of such industries.

  • Handwriting analyst – They are the ones who analyze different handwritings and can identify who has written a specific piece of note or letter. From among a collection, they can identify which two are the same and hence, are employed by secret agencies or even police to help them investigate a case. They also infer what is written from the texts or manuscripts which maybe indecipherable and incomprehensible.

  • System analyst – they research about the currently available system and comment on that.

  • Quantitative analyst – As the name suggests, they analyze the different quantitative aspects of the given subject.

Therefore, as we can see the skills required for the different streams are different and hence, to be employed in one, one must possess the above-stated qualities.

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