What Are the Different Non-Technical Jobs Available?

What are jobs?

Jobs are simply a set of tasks given to you for performing under a certain time and in return, you are paid. Sometimes, you may even get incentives.

They may not be a 9 to 5 bound job, but of different types.

There are many types of jobs, mainly divided into two categories- Technical and Non-Technical.

  1. Technical Jobs – They generally include jobs related to the Engineering field, like that of an IT Specialist, Product Designer, etc; Medicine, Para-medical, jobs related to computer programs.
  1. Non-technical Jobs – They include any job not related to technology. These include accounting, marketing, sales, clerk jobs, jobs related to administration, entertainment, sports.

Different non-technical jobs available: –

  • Accounting – These are mainly desk jobs where you have to maintain records and accounts of the firm. It is the process of maintaining details of all the transactions related to the company.

  • Marketing – In this, you are responsible for advertising a product or the company itself. You must know how to socialize and must have proper communication etiquette.

  • Sales – The salesman/saleswoman is responsible for selling a specific product directly to the houses or local retail shops. They should be humble and polite.

  • Clerk Jobs – They are the desk jobs and are often referred to as the ‘white-collar’ jobs. They should be patient and have the required knowledge.

  • Administration jobs – They maintain administration and discipline in the country. They are responsible for maintaining the decorum of the place.

  • Entertainment – It is one of the most attractive and lucrative professions. Many young boys and girls strive hard to make it big in this industry. Informally known as show-business or show-biz, is the tertiary sector of the economy and comprises of many sub-industries.

  • Sports – It is another lucrative and attractive industry, but very hard to make it through. You must be patient, hardworking, determined and persevere to achieve what you dream of.

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