Types of sales jobs: Inside sales, field sales, account manager, sales development representative

There are a lot of variations to a sales job like:

  1. Inside sales
  2. Field sales
  3. B2B or B2C
  4. Sales manager
  5. Account manager
  6. Sales development representatives
  7. Account executive


And many more, but we will focus on,

4 Major sales job that might just be right for you:

  • Inside sales: This role mainly involves working from the closed quarters of an office cabin and generating sales via the phone or e-mails.


  • Field sales: This role is also known by the name Outside sales. Exactly being opposite to inside sales as seen in the names, this role involves you to spend a lot of time visiting clients in person. You might be assigned a particular area or territory.


  • Account manager: It is a position of management. The role demands the person to take into notice that the current demands of the clients are met and also managing the existing current accounts.


  • Sales Development Representatives(SDR): The is better known as ‘hunters’ in the sales field as they are tasked with the most initial and important tasks of a sales process, prospecting leads. It involves a lot of research and interactions.

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