Resume Customization and It’s Importance

What is Resume Customisation?

Answer: The process of tailoring your resume for a specific job requirement such as sales, copyedit, marketing, finance, etc. in order to stand out of the crowd and get selected is called customization. Customization is a MUST when you are really serious about landing a job because nowadays the number of applicants is enormous and positions limited and your resume MUST capture the eye of the recruiter or at least reach in his hands passing preliminary filters like bots for consideration.


Why should you customize your resume?

This can be answered by two major reasons:

  •  To pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) test: This is a stage where an AI or to be blunt, a BOT is fed the resumes of all the candidates and it searches the for keywords, power verbs, and special mentions. Your resume should contain these keywords to get through these bots and reach into the recruiting manager’s office.
  • The recruiter: It is seen through a number of researches that a recruiter takes a glance of 6 seconds on an average at a single resume before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the candidate and trust me, these 6 seconds are the most important for your resume. So, you need to customize your resume in such a skilled manner that it screams out your talents and merits for the job in this time constraint.

Other reasons to spend time customizing your resume for a particular job are:

  1. To stand apart from the common mass.
  2. To show your dedication and effort that you have put in.
  3. To emphasize your most meritorious points.
  4. To show genuine interest and skills required for the job.


Now you might be wondering: ‘How to do it?’, ‘Should I re-create a new resume each time?’, ‘It will take so much time.’  And so on. But worry not as you have come to the right place.

We will now see in steps how to customize a resume so that it grabs the eyes of the recruiters and also takes a little less effort.


Step 1: The top third rule: As mentioned earlier that a recruiter usually spends less than 10 seconds reading a resume and most of the time on a laptop or a tablet. Hence, only the top section of your resume is what he looks at. Therefore, this part should contain the BEST elements of your resume and highlight WHY you should be considered for the position.

Step 2: Analyse the Job description: The best way to write a great resume is to tailor it according to the job that it is required to fetch and this information can only be gathered by properly analyzing the job description, researching keywords on it and applying them to format your resume.

Step 3:  Use power verbs: Proper verbs are a MUST when trying to format a great resume. These verbs must be chosen very carefully and used according to the requirements of the job. This might seem like a little tweak but goes a long way.

For example, if a job description requires ‘team player’, use the verbs such as collaborated, worked with, merged, developed, etc. makes the level of the resume rise a million folds.

Step 4: Do not alter the complete resume: Completely changing every element of your resume for each job might also be seen as a sign of inconsistency. Therefore you should keep some factual data constant and only tweak with some details to tailor your resume from job to job.

What to keep: Work history, education, contact info, etc.

What to change: Skills, Objectives, achievements, etc.

Step 5: Keywords and Company Values: Every company has a different way of functioning. So, do your research and find out what the company that you are applying to favors in its employees and include them in your resume, but make sure not to be exaggerating. Also, use keywords pertaining to the requirements. Like for a sales job use, ‘growth rate increased’ etc.

Step 6: Consult a Third Party: It is always good to get a second opinion before submitting your resume, and it is even better if it is a person working in the same field.

Bonus Tip: Include a location preferably one near to the job location.

Finally, all steps covered you have your perfect resume ready. So, put on your winning smile and go conquer the world.

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